Deleting file from queue result in file deleted physically on server

I'm using version Smartftp 3.0 Build 1016.1,

5 Bugs I have found on the (more or less) newest version, that have not been fixed yet.

1. I am having trouble that when I select items in the queue, then press the delete key, it will delete the selected file from the server instead. (I've lost >5 files of 5GB+ each from that bug already)

2. Multipart transfer will turn on by itself randomly, then occasionally SmartFTP will think it finished downloading the multipart file, while the hash doesn't match. I ended up needing to redownload the whole file (often GBs in size). Please add an option to disable multi-part globally.

3. Whenever SmartFTP is crashed (heavily), the Default favourite is reset (and so is my resume setting). All my current downloads get restarted which waste so much of my bandwidth.

4. When Multi-part transfer creates too much thread and result in server denying login, SmartFTP will crash.

5. Multi-part transfer cannot be disabled by multi-selection in queue, it can only be disabled one by one.

Not sure if all these are fixed in the newest version, because updating gives more trouble then is there any point updating?
Smartftp is getting less stable through every update since V2.0 sometimes I had to reinstall OS just to get it working.