reconnect does not refresh folders, thinks from time to time for ever.

I am using the latest version 3.01012...

I am logging in though sftp and my server has a timeout due to inactivity. When i am disconnected and try to upload files , smartFtp always succeeds on second retry, instead of just reconnecting and uploading.

From time to time when smartFtp disconnects , I loose the list of remote folders, and they wont reappear if i refresh, go back directory and forward or reconnect. I have to close connection tab and open a new connection.

Usually when I create a new connection and connect to it, I get a new tab opened that has a small line circle that rotates, during that time even though the log shows that I am connected, the circle still spins and wont let me do anything to my remote ftp connection until I reconnect (which is by closing a connection tab and opening it again, since reconnect button does not do anything.)

here is the screen shot.


here is the log:

[11:14:00] Directory listing complete.
[11:14:52] Getting attributes of "/srv/www/webroot/js/yui/build/datatable/assets/datatable.css".
[11:14:52] Attributes successfully obtained.
[11:14:53] The operation has been added to the Transfer Queue. Check the Transfer Queue for the status.
[11:14:54] Getting attributes of "/srv/www/webroot/js/yui/build/datatable/assets/datatable.css".
[11:14:54] Attributes successfully obtained.
[11:29:35] Resolving path "/srv/www/webroot/viewers".
[11:29:54] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.
[11:29:54] Server closed connection
[11:33:44] Resolving host name ""
[11:33:44] Connecting to Port: xx
[11:33:44] Starting SSH session. Remote Id: "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.2p1 xxx"
[11:33:44] Initiating key exchange.
[11:33:44] Computing session key.
[11:33:44] Key Exchange Algorithm: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[11:33:44] Key exchange completed.
[11:33:44] Host Key Algorithm: xxx
[11:33:44] Client to Server Encryption: xxx
[11:33:44] Server to Client Encryption: xxx
[11:33:44] Session HMAC: xxx
[11:33:44] Client to Server Compression: none
[11:33:44] Server to Client Compression: none
[11:33:44] Authentication request. Method: "none"
[11:33:44] Server supported authentications: xxx
[11:33:44] Authentication request. Method: xxx
[11:33:44] User authentication successful.
[11:33:44] SSH session established.
[11:33:44] Connected to xxx
[11:33:44] SFTP protocol version 3
[11:33:44] Detected Server Software: OpenSSH
[11:33:44] Resolving path "/srv/www/webroot/viewers".
[11:33:44] Path successfully resolved.

I reconnect and the directory listing do not appear. I have to close down the tab and reopen a new one to see the directory listing.