I had been using an older version of SMARTFTP i believe it was 2.0 to access a VMS machine. Now when I try to access the directory that I need, when the initial change directory command is attempted it fails. the command that I had in place was "/DIRECTORY NAME" which worked without a problem before. I see that others have had the same problem but I do not see any solutions posted.

[12:01:59] SmartFTP v3.0.1011.1
[12:02:00] Resolving host name ""
[12:02:00] Connecting to Port: 21
[12:02:00] Connected to
[12:02:00] 220 ALPHA1.blackburn FTP Server (Version 5.4) Ready.
[12:02:00] USER ftp
[12:02:00] 230 User logged in.
[12:02:00] SYST
[12:02:00] 200 VMS OpenVMS V7.3 on node ALPHA1.blackburn.
[12:02:00] Detected Server Type: VMS
[12:02:00] FEAT
[12:02:00] 502 FEAT is unimplemented.
[12:02:00] TYPE I
[12:02:00] 200 TYPE set to IMAGE.
[12:02:00] REST 0
[12:02:00] 502 REST is unimplemented.
[12:02:00] PWD
[12:02:00] 257 "SYS$SYSROOT:[SYSMGR]" is current directory.
[12:02:00] CWD mwo[]
[12:02:00] 550-Failed to set default directory to mwo^[^].
[12:02:00] 550 invalid directory

What is the "Path" you set in the favorites properties?

What do you expect SmartFTP to send as the first CWD command?


I have figured it out.

I placed in the path field the following:
which is the disk and the directory, and that got me to the directory that I needed.

Great. What did you initially have in the Path input field?

/mwo which is /DIRECTORY NAME