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Had a look and saw some folk suggesting full synchronisation between local and remote would be a welcome feature... I agree!

When using the Transfer Queue, the available "Operation Options" only include "copy, move, delete,edit, readDirectory and SetPermissions". I was at first hoping to find other options, such as "Copy if destination doesn't equal source" and the like.

I was wondering if there was some other way of achieving this? I have a very large folder structure I would like to transfer at the end of each day, but that automatically skips when source=dest but adds new files and, per the above, dest is overwritten with the new version from the source. I certainly do not want to be transferring 2gb of data every day when only a handful of the files have been modified.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Hello ..

This is already possible. By default SmartFTP will only transfer the files that are not equal from the source to the destination. To fine tune the file exist behavior you can change the file exist settings in the favorite.


Thanks for that Mat
Next question, if you don't mind...

I have what I thought would be a common and simple requirement:

Run a daily syncronisation between local and remote folders (of the same name), updating the remote with adds/changes & deletions but skipping where remote=local

I found this ... -f145.html but it is not very detailed.
All other searches show quite complicated instructions for additional things I don't need.

Could you kindly point me at a tutorial for how to set up a scheduled syncronisation.

What are you having problems with?

If you want to schedule an item, right click on it then select "Schedule" from the context menu. Then set the schedule. E.g. set it to run every 24h.

If you don't want to have SmartFTP running all the time you need to setup a scheduled task in Windows. The result will be the following:

1. Scheduled windows task starts SmartFTP
2. SmartFTP starts the Transfer Queue (make sure you set the Transfer Queue to auto start: Settings->Queue)
3. The items in the Transfer Queue are started according to the schedule settings.
4. If you want to quit SmartFTP after the transfers have been processed set the "On Transfer Complete" setting in the Settings->Queue dialog.