Script for Automating Transfer Queue Process

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to automate this entire transfer queue process?

I currently have Smart FTP open daily to do web server backups so that when the transfer setup, scheduled in the transfer queue, comes due, the files automatically backup to my local hard drive .

Is it possible to keep SmartFTP off until the time when the actual transfer is scheduled.

Here's what I'd like to do...

At 10:30 PM daily I want SmartFTP to automatically open (without any intervention on my part) and connect (again without any intervention) to a specific server I have setup.
At 10:31 PM SmartFTP transfer queue kicks in and is scheduled to download specific files from the server.
When this transfer process is complete I'd like for SmartFTP to automatically disconnect from the server... and then close.

Sounds like some kind of script (of which I have no idea how to construct) but I was wondering if this might already be built into SmartFTP and I just missed it?

Is there any way to run SmartFTP in the system tray (in the background) without taking up so much system resources?

Another thought that I had (and it wasn't a very good one either) was to schedule SmartFTP to open automatically in MS Scheduled Tasks. This might help with opening the app but then I'd still have to initiate the server connection and disconnection as well as shut down the app.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Hello ..

Here are some step-by-step instructions:

1. Add some files/folders to the Transfer Queue. See the queue tutorials at:
2. Schedule these transfers. See the KB article at: ... -f145.html
3. Start the Transfer Queue (nothing will/should happen)
4. If you want to automatically close SmartFTP when all transfers have been finished, set the "On Queue Complete" action. You can either do this in the Transfer Queue settings or with the help of the button in the toolbar of the Transfer Queue.
4. Close SmartFTP
5. Add SmartFTP to the Windows Scheduled (Scheduled Tasks)

If you want SmartFTP to be minimized go to menu: Tools->Settings. In the Interface dialog check [x] Minimize to Tray option. Then minimize SmartFTP. Now close SmartFTP by selecting Exit from the context menu of the systray icon. SmartFTP will remember its last window position and therefore start minimized. Alternatively you can run SmartFTP from the task scheduler with the following command line:
start /MIN <path to smartftp.exe>



That did the job... You're a genius!
Thank you so much for the excellent step-by-step detailed instructions.