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How to connect to Box ( using FTP

How to connect to Box (FTP Protocol)

Important: We do not recommend using the FTP protocol to connect to the box FTP server. The reason is that box's FTP server is broken (see details below). Instead, connect to Box using the Box protocol.

To connect to the FTP server (not recommended):

  1. Open a new connection: menu: File - Connection
  2. Protocol: FTPS (Explicit)
  3. Host:
  4. Username: The account email address 
  5. Password: The password
  6. Click OK to connect

Note: To connect to Box, a license for the Enterprise Edition is required. FTP Server Defects and Limitations

  • Uploads cannot be resumed
  • The date created of folders cannot be set
  • Non empty folders cannot be deleted due to a server protocol violation
  • Data loss when multiple concurrent connections are used to create folders/upload files.

See detailed description of the issues.

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