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Transfer Problems


Having problems uploading/downloading


Change "Data Connection Mode"
If you are connecting through a favorite then change the data connection mode in the favorite item settings dialog. If you are using "Passive Mode (PASV)" change it to "Active Mode (PORT)" or vice versa. Refer to the following Knowledge Base article if you are unsure how to do this:
KB: How To switch between active and passive mode
To verify the data connection mode being used, take a look in the log view of the Remote Browser. If you see a "PORT x,x,x,x y,z" command in the log view, then "Active Mode (PORT)" is enabled, if you see a "PASV" command then the "Passive Mode (PASV)" is enabled.

Software Firewall, Anti Virus Software
See KB: Connection Refused

Update Router Firmware
Known problems are with certain Netgear firmware versions. To update to the firmware go to the web administration panel of your router and initiate the firmware update. The web administration tool of your router can usually be found at or similar.

transfer upload download problem

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