The SmartFTP Terminal is a powerful terminal emulation client. It is typically used in combination with the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol which guarantees a secure communication channel.




Supported Emulations

VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Wyse 50/60, xterm and Linux. Support for ANSI color scheme.

xterm Extensions

Supports xterm extensions for mouse events and 256 color support.

Unicode Support

Ability to display the text of most world's languages and writing systems.

Multi column display modes

80/132 column switching. Manual configuration for other modes.

Window Size Change

When the terminal window is resized, the remote system is notified. This ensures that the remote system is always in sync with the local terminal.

Keyboard Mapping

Map user defined keys to function keys. Support for Emacs.

Other Features

Double Buffering

Super fast screen rendering with zero flickering.

Remote Printing

Support for host based printing. Print directly to a local printer from an application running on the host.

Scrollback Buffer

The scrollback buffer holds the history of the session.

Find Text

Find text in display and scrollback buffer.

Find Text

URL Detection

Detects urls in display buffer and shows them as hyperlinks.

URL Detection

Command Bar

The command bar allows custom commands to be mapped to buttons. Multiple commands can be added and assigned to a command group. You can select the group that is the most useful for a particular session or environment.

Command Bar

Full Screen Support

Toggle between MDI mode and full screen. The full screen mode features an auto hide title bar to quickly access the commands.

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Transport over SSH Protocol.

Transport over TLS.