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System i

The System i (formerly known as iSeries, AS/400, and Application System/400) is a computer platform produced by IBM. System i uses two different name formats [1]. By default format 0 is enabled. If the user/client sends a CWD command starting with a / the server automatically switches to format 1. To go back to format 0 you have to send a SITE NAMEFMT 0 manually or by using the custom commands in SmartFTP.

Starting with SmartFTP v2.0 Build 996 new custom commands have been added to change the "File Naming Format" easily. See Menu: Commands -> Custom Commands -> AS/400 (iSeries).

Starting with SmartFTP v4.0 Build 1255 the SITE NAMEFMT 1 command is automatically sent for FTP servers detected as AS/400.


  1. Practical Programming for AS/400 FTP Automated Interfaces 
  2. List of iSeries (AS/400) FTP Tips and Techniques
  3. Regarding Targetting library-specific files on AS/400

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