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Created 05 Mar 2011
Modified 25 Apr 2014

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Local Browser freezes in Windows XP

Local Browser freezes SmartFTP


If you open a Local Browser in SmartFTP, it goes to the "My Computer" virtual folder by default and uses the "details" view. In the details view, Explorer, respectively SmartFTP's Local Browser shows the total and free space of each drive on your computer. Depending on the type and number of drives this may take a very long time and gives the impression that SmartFTP froze. However usually after a couple of minutes, after all data from all drives is collected the view comes back to life. The same problem can be reproduced with the Windows Explorer: Open Windows Explorer, go to the My Computer folder and change the View to Details.



Reduce the number of "slow" drives or identify and disconnect the slow drives that are causing the long delay. A better solution would be to upgrade to Windows 7 where this problem has been addressed.

Affected Systems

Windows XP