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Created 29 Mar 2008
Modified 13 Apr 2008

Article 2602

421 Too many connections (1) from this IP

You see the following error in the log:
Resolving host name "xxx"
Connecting to xxx Port: 21
Connected to xxx
421 Too many connections (1) from this IP
421 I can't accept more than 1 connections as the same user

It means that you have reached the number of concurrent connections to the server. In this case the user is only allowed to have one (1) concurrent connection. 


  1. Close all Remote Browsers in SmartFTP. The Remote Browser is the window which shows your files on the server. Then wait a few seconds (30 seconds) until the Transfer Queue tries to process the item again.
  2. Set the number of workers in the Transfer Queue (bottom window) to 1. 
  3. Disable the Background Transfers in the favorite settings Transfer dialog. To access the favorite settings please see: KB: How to edit the favorite settings.
  4. Contact your web hosting provider or the system administrator of the server and ask them to increase your connection limit. If you are using a free web hosting provider the one connection limitation is usually in place to encourage you to upgrade to their paid hosting plans.

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