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Created 16 Mar 2007
Modified 07 Jun 2014

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How To selectively transfer files

The goal of this tutorial is to filter (exclude or include) certain files or folders using transfer filter conditions. Filter conditions can be defined in the favorite properties. In this tutorial, as an example, we only want to download PDF files (*.pdf) but no other files from a server.

How To

  1. Select the Favorites ribbon tab. Click on Edit or if you already connected to the favorite, select Properties.
  2. If you have clicked on Edit select the favorite in the Favorites window and right-click it. Then select Properties from the context menu.
  3. In the favorite Properties dialog go to the Transfer - Filters dialog. Under Download Conditions set the filter option to Enable to enable filtering.
  4. Click on the Edit Conditions button.
  5. Enter the AQS query which selects the files and folders you want to transfer. More information about the query syntax can be found at KB: Conditions.
  6. In this example we want to transfer all the files where the file extension equals to ".pdf". Additionally we also want to apply this condition recursively to all files that may exist in the sub folders. The query for this condition is:
    System.FileExtension:=".pdf" OR System.ItemType:="Directory" 
  7. If we just want to transfer all *.pdf files of a single folder we would use the following query instead:
  8. Now click on Resolve to verify the query you have entered.
  9. To test the condition against a test item, click on Edit test item and then fill in some data. For example:
    For System.FileName enter: test.pdf
  10. Click OK
  11. Now click on the Resolve button and check the result of the Test item matches the conditions value.

Note: The filters are saved per favorite. If you want to use different filters for the same favorite, you have to create a copy of the favorite item.

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