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Created 26 Oct 2005
Modified 18 Dec 2014

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How To get the logs

The log contains communication data between the client and the server. This information is very valuable when analyzing technical problems.

From the Remote Browser

The log view can be found at the bottom of the Remote Browser. To save the log to a file, right-click in the log view and select "Save As..." from the context menu. To copy the content from the log, select the text and copy it to the clipboard (CTRL+C). If you do not see the log pane you can enable it in the Menu: View - Panes - Log Pane or you can press Shift + F3.


From the Transfer Queue
Select the item in the list in the Transfer Queue window. Then right-click on the item and select "Show Log" from the context menu.

Queue - Show Log

Sample Log
[17:00:35] SmartFTP 6.0.2104
[17:00:35] Resolving host name ""
[17:00:35] Connecting to Port: 21
[17:00:35] Connected to
[17:00:36] 220-SmartFTP Server
[17:00:36] 220 service ready


Privacy Concerns
The log may contain your user name, file names being transferred, IP addresses of the server/client. When posting the log in the forum or submitting it to the SmartFTP technical support, feel free to replace/delete the information you do not want to share.

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