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Created 08 Apr 2002
Modified 12 Apr 2007

Article 21

500 Illegal PORT Command<br>500 Illegal PORT range rejected


500 Illegal PORT Command
500 Illegal PORT range rejected


The FTP server is blocking foreign IP's or high ports often required for FXP transfers.
If SmartFTP cannot resolve the problem on its own during an FXP attempt, the server needs to be configured to allow foreign IP's in PORT command and allow high ports.


In a non FXP connection enable the Passive Mode.

  1. Select Favorites > Edit Favorites from the SmartFTP menu. The Favorites window appears.
  2. From the SmartFTP Favorites window select the Favorite of interest. Right click on the Favorite and select Properties. The Properties dialog appears.
  3. Under the FTP option select Connection. From the Connection tab under Data Connection you can enable the Mode passive (PASV) for the selected Favorite.
Note: The change is saved and active for future FTP sessions of this favorite item.

Current Session Setting

  1. Click the "PASV" button on the toolbar when connected to a server.
  2. You can also Switch between Active and Passive mode from:
    Menu: Commands > Connection -> "Passive Mode".

Note: The change is only active during the current session. After the "Remote Browser" is closed the changes are lost.

500 illegal port command, illegal port range, passive mode