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License, Usage and Pricing

License and Usage
SmartFTP is available for a 30-day evaluation. During this trial period, SmartFTP will operate as SmartFTP Professional Edition with no limitations. If you would like to continue using SmartFTP after your evaluation, a license for SmartFTP must be purchased. The term of the license is perpetual. It means you can forever use the version of SmartFTP you have bought a license for. For further details please read the License Agreement

The licensing model is based on per user model, rather than a per seat or per computer model.

Situation License 
One person wants to use the software on a desktop computer and on a notebook. Single User License 
One person wants to use the software on 3 computers Multi User License for 3 Users
Two users/persons want to use the software on two computers. Multi User License for 2 Users 

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