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Two steps are required to use LastPass with SmartFTP:

1. Select the LastPass credential provider in the Favorite:

  1. Go to the favorite properties:
    Option A:
    Connect to an existing favorite.
    Go to the menu: Favorites - Favorite Properties
    Option B:
    Open a new connection: menu: File - Connection
    Click on the Properties button in the Quick Connect dialog
  2. Select LastPass in the the Login - Provider selection box
  3. Enter the username of the site you want to connect to and not your LastPass username
  4. Click OK to save the changes

2. Add the site in LastPass

Login into the LastPass Vault and add a new site. 

Important: When adding the new site to a group, select a group that is not shared.

Given a favorite, SmartFTP searches the LastPass password vault for a matching site. It uses the Url property in the LastPass site entry to identify a corresponding site. The Url property must be set according to the following table:

SmartFTP   LastPass
Protocol Host Username Url in LastPass
FTP user
FTPS user ftps://
FTPS user ftps:/
SFTP user s
WebDAV user
WebDAVS user
SSH user ssh://

Amazon S3 is currently not supported because all connections use the same host (


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