SmartFTP FTP Library
ISSHConnection::Connect Method

Connects to remote host.

HRESULT Connect();

The Connect method will initiate a connection between the local computer and the server. Once the socket is connected the handshake starts:

  • Both the server and client exchange version identifications. See RemoteId and Client properties.
  • The session key (shared secret) is jointly established using the Diffie Hellman (DH) key exchange. See KeyExchanges property.
  • The symmetric key algorithms for the data encryption are negotiated. See Encryptions property.
  • The compression algorithm is negotiated. See Compressions property.
  • The user authentication starts. See Authentications property.


At this point the SSH session is established and the clients opens a new channel with the "sftp" subsystem. 


For further information see RFC 4253 - The Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer Protocol.

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