SmartFTP FTP Library
ISSHConnection::Compressions Property

Contains an ordered list of supported compression methods. 

Default: { ftpSSHCompressionzlib, ftpSSHCompressionNone }

__property VARIANT* Compressions;

The compression algorithm is negotiated during the client/server handshake. It cannot be changed later. 

During the client/server handshake the client sends the list of supported methods. The server then selects the first one it supports. If the server does not support a method from the list the handshake fails.

Disable Compression

CComSafeArray<VARIANT> compressions(1);
authentications.SetAt(0, CComVariant(sfFTPLib::ftpSSHCompressionNone));
m_pConnection->Compressions = CComVariant(compressions);
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