SmartFTP FTP Library

Transfers a file from the source to the remote connection.

    [in] BSTR sourceFile, 
    [in] BSTR destinationFile, 
    [in] long startPositionLo, 
    [in] long startPositionHi

Before you can use the method set the Source and Destination properties and set the correct data transfer settings. The Passive property of one connection must be set to true and set to false for the other connection. All other data transfer settings including DataTransferMode, DataTransferType and DataProtection must be equal. 


When transferring through a secured data connection (TLS enabled and the DataProtection property set to ftpDataProtectionPrivate) set the SSCN property of one connection to true. 



FXP from IPv6 to IPv4 is not possible due to the nature of the FTP protocol. IPv4 to IPv6 is possible if the destination server does have a IPv4 IP address as well.

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