SmartFTP FTP Library
IFTPConnection::DownloadFileEx Method

Uploads the specified local file to the specified remote file.

HRESULT DownloadFileEx(
    [in] BSTR remoteFile, 
    [in] VARIANT localFile, 
    [in] ULONGLONG startPosition, 
    [in] ULONGLONG endPosition, 
    [in] ITransferProgressEvents* progress

The name of the remote file.
The local file. This may be a path to a file (String/BSTR), an IStream or any object that supports IStream.
The start position.
The end position.

The client opens a data connection and uploads the file with the STOR command. In case the startPosition is greater than zero, the client sends a REST command and the file is being resumed from the position specified in the startPosition. If endPosition is greater than zero the client automatically aborts the transfer once the position is reached.

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