Keepass shared database

I am currently looking for a ftp program to use, which has connection data (ftp details and password) accessible by multiple-users.
If you now any please tell me ;)
I really like the smartFTP shared-favorite-folder feature in combination with keepass, which we are using anyway.
There is just one tiny problem which makes the system unusable...
If I create a favorite folder and store a connection and then access it from another pc, he asks again for the username and password.
If I give them to him, in keepass there will be two entries with the same data. This is very impractical because then I would not have to use keepass because everybody could store the username and password on his/her own pc.
And another thing, it would be nice if I would delete a favorite to be asked if I wanted to also delete the username & password from keepass.
There is a delete option in the rest protocol and I would not just delete the details because it would be very impractical for shared password databases. So the promt would be nice.
this is really the most important issuse to not (yet) buy smartFTP.

>shared keepass database
You can use a shared KeePass database. Setup a server with KeePassRest and then change the Url in the KeePassRest settings dialog in SmartFTP.
We do not think deleting the favorite should also delete the KeePass entry.

Already did it.
The Problem is the following:
1. User one adds a favorite in a shared favorite-folder (on a NAS)
2. He connects and puts in username and password
3. The username and password appears in keepass
4. User two connects via click on the favorite which user one created in the shared folder
5. He gets prompted to put in username and password even the data exists in keepass and he is connected to it.
6. If he would put in username and password into the dialog this data gets put into keepass
7. If the username and password a  the same as user one has put in the keepass entry is duplicated.
It would be nessecary that the smartFTP checks trough the RestAPI if there is allready an entry for this url (and maybe username).
To use smartFTP with Keepass in a multiple-user setting it is necessary that this does not happen, because then everybody could just save his/her own password/usernames.
I did not find an FTP program where it is possible to share connection details (server addresses & un/pw) with encrypted password storage an no malfunctions (one user overwrites the other stuff like that).
So I/We would start to use smartFTP.
I agree that it is better to not delete Keepass entries without asking, but in a professional context data and especially passwords are quite a sensitive matter.
So it would be a nice-to-have feature to give the user the chance to delete entries when deleting a favorite.

This should work as you described it. Are you sure your setup is correct? Are you running 1 instance of KeePass which is shared by all users? Did you update the Url in the KeePass settings dialog in SmartFTP accordingly?

No there is not one instance of Keepass running as each workstation has it's own keepass installed but everybody is using the same database stored on a NAS.
To share one instance is quite a bit impractical because then the computer with the one keepass installation has allways to be running and the user of that station has allways to think of starting it, so that the others can access the ftp-servers.
Correct me if I'am wrong.

It is very impractical specialy as there is no error prompt for the case that keepass has not been started/ can not bee found. (It is maybe not a Bug but very very bad usability)

As far as I'm aware KeePass is not designed to run in this way. I recommend to run KeePass on a server where all the users connect to.

KeePass is especially designed for that mode of work:
And as I said we are working mainly with a NAS which is has no option to install KeePass and I think many other professionals are working with the same structure.

Can you try it with the latest version of KeePassRest we have just released:
- Uninstall current version
- Install the new version from here:
The new version saves the database now in KeePass (same action as when you manually select Save in the application) whenever an entry is created or updated.

Okay it is working now :) Thanks a lot.
Just one other thing, a little bug:
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open smartFTP>>tools>> edit
2. the favorits window opens
3. click add favorite
4. add a connection (a real one) and choose provider Keepass
(or any other that is making the next step possible)
5. double click on the new favorite a username & password dialog shows up
6. go to your browser to look for your username and password or juste switch to another application or even the desktop
7. go back to cute ftp
8. dialog is gone !! it comes back after a while or when you click somewhere

We have changed the way the login dialog is displayed. The next build will contain the changes.

Okay thanks.