SmartFTP Library version 2 on Windows 7

I'm using SmartFTP library version 2 on an XP machine.
It has been working great for a few years. I need to upgrade to Windows 7 now, but it won't connect. The code:
Public objGlobal As sfFTPLib.Global
Public objFTP As sfFTPLib.FTPConnectionSTA
Set objGlobal = CreateObject("sfFTPLib.Global")   
Set objFTP = CreateObject("sfFTPLib.FTPConnectionSTA"), username, password, etc...
ret = objFTP.Connect
It returns error 18 (ftpErrorSSL)
The log returns:
[20141209 22:15:16] AUTH TLS
[20141209 22:15:16] 234 AUTH command ok; starting SSL connection.
[20141209 22:15:16] SSL: Error (Error=0x80090308).
[20141209 22:15:16] The token supplied to the function is invalid
[20141209 22:15:16] Client closed the connection.
It continues to work fine on the XP machine.
Do I have to upgrade to the newer version of SmartFTP library or will version 2 work on Windows 7?

Version 2.x of the FTP Library has been deprecated and is no longer supported.