FXP Simultaneous transfers

Hi! I have some questions about the fxp transfers:
How can I have multiple fxp transfers (at the same thime)?
If this is not possible, how can I iterate over FTPItems to transfer the files from source to destination (with the FXPFile method)?
            foreach (FTPItem item in _exclusiveItemsInSource)
                Console.WriteLine("Comienza el envio del fichero: {0}", item.Name);
                _fxp.FXPFile(item.Name, item.Name, 0, 0);
                Console.WriteLine("Finaliza el envio del fichero: {0}", item.Name);
This code is not working for me.
Thank You in advance.

Create a new thread for each transfer.

Hi again.
I'm trying to transfer the files in separate threads (one thread for each file) but, at the time the second file will start transfer (with the FXFFile method) I'm getting and exception with this message: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.
Thank You.

Sorry, I've read in other forum post that I must try-catch the exception and I can ignore it.

But with the FXPFile method in separate threads (one thread for each file), only one file is copied.