Download file from HTTP request

I been asked this question, and I want to make sure SmartFTP can't handle it before I go back to my client. They want to download a file from this HTTP statement. ... ntType=csv

Note that the begin date is within the URL, can I create a script that will alter this request before issuing it? Part 2 - the CSV file is not quite a CSV file, as it has a title stuffed into the front of it before the "rows" start repeating. Excel opens and reads this file just fine - so all I need to do is automate the download.

I told them I likely will have to write my own request/response program - but if SmartFTP can handle it - let me know!


I found out that the site also requires a cookie to be set and sent before the requested file is downloaded.

Can all this be scripted queued item, Properties -> Advanced tab?
This means that their is multiple exchanges between the client and the server before the GET request returns the file.

Or do I need to use one of the C# examples, and use the FTP SDK library to make this work?