Change protocol to SFTP over SSH

I am getting a connection error code 4.

Here is the log:
[20110225 22:01:45] SmartFTP FTP Library
[20110225 22:01:46] Resolving host name "<my ftp-server>"
[20110225 22:01:46] Connecting to <IP address> Port: 22
[20110225 22:01:46] Connected to <my ftp-server>.
[20110225 22:01:46] SSH-2.0-VShell_3_0_4_656 VShell
[20110225 22:01:46] SSH server detected. Change the protocol to SFTP over SSH and try again.
[20110225 22:02:16] Timeout (30s).
[20110225 22:02:16] 3

Here is my code:
objFTP.Port = 22
objFTP.Protocol = sfFTPLib.enumProtocol.ftpProtocolSSLExplicit
objFTP.Passive = True
objFTP.LogFile.File = "SmartFTP.log"
Connect = False
ret = objFTP.Connect

My question:
How do I change the protocol to "SFTP over SSH"?
I see these options in your documentation:

Are there more options that I'm not finding or is it one of these?


You need to use the SSHConnection class. Take a look at the SFTP samples (Samples/SFTP) that are provided with the FTP Library.

That did it.