AttributeBits, ValidAttributeBits, etc.

At the moment I'm upgrading from V1.5 to V2 and am confused about the attribute bits settings in the new V2. Using SFTP, could you give me an example of setting a files last modification date & time and also how to remove a read-only attribute from a file? Previously I used AttributeBits, ValidAttributes, and ValidAttributeBits, but now I see that ValidAttributes no longer exists, and neither do the definitions like ftpSFTPItemAttributeBitReadOnly etc.


>setting last modification time
Create new SFTPItem:
CComPtr<sfFTPLib::ISFTPItem> pItem;
Set LastModifyTime
pItem->ModifyTimeAsFileTime = FILETIME;
pSFTPConnection->SetStat("path", pItem)

To check if an attribute exists use IsValidAttribute.

>ftpSFTPItemAttributeBitReadOnly etc
Please install the newest version.

>To remove attributebitreadonly
Create new SFTPItem
pNewItem->AttributeBits = pItem->AttributeBits & ~sfFTPLib::ftpSFTPItemAttributeBitReadOnly;
SetStat("path", pNewItem);