ftpErrorNoOperation on _ftp.connect()

well, Its very simple. I'm using the sample code without any modifications. when calling connect I recieve an enumError reply of ftpErrorNoOperation.

U guys have an Idea what I'm doing wrong here?

thanks alot,

Take a look at the log file. Set the LogFile.File property.

so here's the thing:

When I use _ftp.LogFile.File = "DotNetInteropDemo.log";

I get: "InvalidCastException was unhandled"

"unable to cast COM object of type 'System.___ComObject' to interface type 'sfFTPLib.ILogFile'. This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface with IID'blabla' failed due to the following error: No such interface supported. ( exception from HRESULT blabla (E_NOINTERFACE ))"

You seem to be using an old version of the FTP Library. In the old version the property is just "LogFile":
_ftp.LogFile = "DotNetInteropDemo.log";

Alternatively install the latest version from here:
Then use the samples that come with this package.

I'm pretty sure its the latest version because I downloaded it a week ago.

but I'll reinstall it.

Could all these problems be because i'm trying to develop on a standalone computer with no internet? ( after I purchase the lib, I need it to work on an offline network dissconnected from the internet ).

No your lack of Internet connectivity has nothing to do with it.

OK, I installed the latest version and it works. Thanks.