ssh-keygen key creation

Hi, does anyone know how to create a valid SFTP key for use with the SmartFTP library (V1.5.29.0) using ssh-keygen on Debian? We have a customer who says using "ssh-keygen -t rsa" creates a key file that doesn't work (LoadFile into PrivateKey gives an "Unspecified error" exception in Delphi). However, we don't use Debian so don't know anything about ssh-keygen. Thanks

Please tell your customer to send us an example keyfile.


Will do, thanks. I'll send it to the support email address once I receive it.

It seems the problem was as simple has him using the wrong password for the key. However, this begs the question as to how does the program know that that is the problem? i.e. where do I get the error code from with LoadFile?

The next build should return E_KEYFILE_PASSWORD in this case.