Licence upgrade cost 32 bit to 64 bit OS

When I loaded Windows 7 64 bit on my computer replacing Windows XP 32 bit I found that I needed to upgrade my version of SmartFTP to the 64 bit version. I did so and was told that my old licence needed to be upgraded. OK no problem there but I was provided with 2 different costs for the same thing. Presumably one is for people who have never bought the maintenance before and the other is for those who have and are upgrading. My concern here is that a) is the lower cost the right cost for the 64 bit version OR is that to extend the licence of my old 32 bit version which of course I will be wiping out just as soon as I am comfortable with Windows 7 64 bit. (I am using a dual boot setup right now and want everyting to be for the 64 bit OS eventually) and what should I be paying?
Thanks in advance for responding!

Hello ...

You currently have a license for the Home edition of SmartFTP. The maintenance (free upgrades and technical support) of this license has expired.

In the license manger you can find 2 options. Both of these options are only avaialble to customers with an existing license.

1. Maintenance renewal
This will give you 1 year of upgrades for the Home edition and technical support
Cost: 17.95 USD

2. Upgrade to Professional Edition
This is a special. It's the upgrade from the Home edition to the Professional edition. In addition you get 1 year of maintenance (same as 1).
You can compare the Home and Professional edition at:
Cost: 24.95 USD

And the license is good for the 32-bit and 64-bit version.



Thank you for providing such a prompt reply and clarification!

I shall review the options you suggested and make a choice.

The upgrade to the pro edition looks interesting, I shall have to see if that version suits my needs or whether I just need the normal Home version.