Get Timeout after upgrade

When we upgraded the library from 1.5 to 2, I hade to make the following change to old code to get it to compile

OLD //_ftp.ProxyType = sfFTPLib.enumProxyType.ftpProxyTypeNone;
OLD //_ftp.FTPProxyType = sfFTPLib.enumFTPProxyType.ftpFTPProxyTypeNone;
New _ftp.Proxy.Type = sfFTPLib.enumProxyType.ftpProxyTypeNone;
New _ftp.FTPProxy.Type = enumFTPProxyType.ftpFTPProxyTypeNone;

Also I am now getting a timeout when I try to connect. Are there other setting that I have to change for this version?


That is the version we are using. is there a setting I should be using, or is there a way to get my old dll to work?

Here is the code where I set up the connection

FTPConnectionMTA _ftp = new FTPConnectionMTA();

//cTripleDES des = new cTripleDES();
_ftp.Host = Properties.Settings.Default.Address;
_ftp.Port = Properties.Settings.Default.Port;
_ftp.CertName = Properties.Settings.Default.Certificate;
_ftp.Username = Properties.Settings.Default.UserName;
//_ftp.Password = des.Decrypt(Properties.Settings.Default.Password.ToString());
_ftp.Password = Properties.Settings.Default.Password.ToString();
_ftp.Password = Properties.Settings.Default.Password.ToString();

// des = null;

_ftp.Protocol = enumProtocol.ftpProtocolSSLExplicit;
_ftp.HidePassword = true;
_ftp.Passive = true;
_ftp.DataProtection = enumDataProtection.ftpDataProtectionPrivate;

// proxy settings;
//_ftp.ProxyType = sfFTPLib.enumProxyType.ftpProxyTypeNone;
//_ftp.FTPProxyType = sfFTPLib.enumFTPProxyType.ftpFTPProxyTypeNone;

_ftp.Proxy.Type = sfFTPLib.enumProxyType.ftpProxyTypeNone;
_ftp.FTPProxy.Type = enumFTPProxyType.ftpFTPProxyTypeNone;

_ftp.LogFile = @Properties.Settings.Default.FTPLOGName;// "c:\data\SFTPTransfer.log";

I have just uploaded this new version right before I made the post.

I figured ot a fix for the time being. What I did was to download a new copy of the client application. This copied a new DLL that over rode the one in the libary (after all this is what broke the library in the first place and forced an unplanned upgrade) and now it works.

So I have the following questions. Are you planning to fix the client install so it does not break the library? After all why should a client pay for an upgarade just to fix a flaw in the client install. When will a fix for the current library come out?

Thank You

>1st question
The client should not break your application (maybe the opposite is the case) because it uses a SxS manifest. I recommend you do the same for your application. See the Side By Side Execution article in the help file (chm).

>2nd question
See above (first reply)