Download Speed for a file

I have implemented an Ftp Windows Service on both a server which is held at a server farm with lots of bandwidth and a server that is in our offices on an 8mb line.

At the moment, it takes both servers 3.5 hours to download a 7.5 GB file, surely this isnt right? If anything the server farm should download the file alot quicker, or if the ftp download limited to a certain speed??

How can i decrease the time it takes to download the file, ie. Increase the download speed??

I have seen there is an IGlobalSpeedLimit but how can i link this to the FtpConnection (using MTA), or do i simily create the object and it will be handled? The documentation on this object is very limited.


The FTP Library transfers the files as fast as possible. You can limit the speed but by default nothing is limited.