smartFTP compatibility with Compact Framework v2.0

Hello there~

It seems most of the people here are having successes in using smartFTP for their applications. But not me. HELP me out guys

I am trying to use smartFTP library for Visual Basic .net in Visual Studio 2005. The compiled application in .exe will run on Windows CE 5.0 based device running arm4i processor. However, I am not seeing any successes in number of different tries I have attempted on the device using the smartFTP library.

The following is the code that I used. (most of the code, pretty much all, has been written using the post in this forum):

Imports sfFTPLib

Public Class smartFTPTest1

	Public Shared Sub main()

		Dim myFTPServices As New FTPServices

		If (myFTPServices.EstablishConnection()) Then


		End If

		MsgBox("I am here!!!", MsgBoxStyle.ApplicationModal)

	End Sub

	Public Class FTPServices

		Dim strUsername As String = "username"

		Dim strPassword As String = "********"

		Dim strServer As String

		'Public objFTP As New sfFTPLib.SFTPConnection	   

		Dim objFTP As sfFTPLib.FTPConnectionMTAClass = New sfFTPLib.FTPConnectionMTA

		'objFTP = New sfFTPlib.FTPConnectionMTA

		Public Function EstablishConnection() As Boolean

			' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

			' Function - FTPServices.EstablishConnection

			' Written by - Syd O

			' Created on - 27 May '08

			' Last Update -

			' Function Purpose - To establish connection to FTP Server Securely

			' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

			If vbTrue Then ' Currently a Stub for testing & evaluation. ALWAY WILL RETURN TRUE

				' note Server is Gene6 FTP and is configured to accept Explicit SSL on port 21

				' The server operates with SmartFTP client and has no issues we are aware of

				strServer = "" ' Only For Testing

				objFTP.Host = strServer

				objFTP.Port = 22

				objFTP.Protocol = sfFTPLib.enumProtocol.ftpProtocolSSLExplicit

				objFTP.Username = strUsername

				objFTP.Password = strPassword

				objFTP.MLST = True

				objFTP.Passive = True

				'objFTP.ClientHostname = System.Environment.MachineName

				'objFTP.Proxy.Type = enumProxyType.ftpProxyTypeNone

				'objFTP.Client = "VBExpress"

				'objFTP.LogFile = System.Environment.MachineName + ".log"

				Select Case objFTP.Connect()

					Case enumError.ftpErrorSuccess


					Case Else


				End Select

			End If

		End Function

	End Class

End Class

Here is the error message upon deploying the application:

COMException was unhandled:
COM object with CLSID '{B32243B2-7D9E-464D-A2A4-4117540E0F70}' cannot be created due to the following error: 0x80040154

To the best of my knowledge, I think the COM component must be used when a piece of code is designed in a different platform and the developer needs to use that module. How would I go about fixing this? Am I understanding the problem correctly?

I will be spending sleepless nights until this gets solved. Please save me from those sleepless nights, guys.
Thanks for all your future help in advance.

- Kevin

Hello ..

I don't think the SmartFTP FTP Library component runs on Windows CE 5.0.


Hello ..

I don't think the SmartFTP FTP Library component runs on Windows CE 5.0.


So you don't think that I can somehow add component hacks to resolve the interfacing?

Thanks in advance.

No sorry. Windows CE only supports a very limited subset of the Windows API.