Registering the DLL with a Delphi application

Good afternoon,

I am testing the implementation of the evaluation version of the SmartFTP Library. Everything is working fine on my development system. As soon I want to use my application with the sfFTPLib dll on an other computer I get an error: “Class is not registered, ClassID: {B32243B2-7D9E-...”.
I understand I have to register it. This is possible with Install tools, but this is an update of an application. Updates must work without an installation set. So the application must register it. I’m developing with Delphi (2007) how can I register the class?
Thank you for any help.

Dolf (Holland)

The best way is to use side by side executation (SxS). See the article in the help file.

regsvr32.exe sfFTPLib.dll
or load the dll and execute the dllregisterserver function.