Attempted to read or write protected memory

I am getting the following exception while running an application:

<Data />
<Message>Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.</Message>
at sfFTPLib.FTPConnectionSTAClass.get_LastReply()
at Dub.DeleteClip() in Dub.cs:line 600
at Dub.Run(Object o) in Dub.cs:line 322
<TargetSite>System.String get_LastReply()</TargetSite>

The application runs perfectly on my machine, which is where I wrote it, but not on any other machine. I always get that error.


Hello ..

1. Install/use the latest version of the FTP Library
2. When using C# you can use the FTPConnectionMTA class instead of the FTPConnectionSTA class.

We can only debug such problems if you can provide a demo application which reproduces the crash.