FXP Progress / Partial Transfer

Hello, I am a new user of this great tool (still evaluating).

Just wondering if someone can answer two unrelated questions.

1) Is there a way to find out the bytes transferred (progress) as an FXP is underway? Can something be sent to either server once in a while?

2) I need a way to download the header of large files. I download very large files but the header of each file contains some information that I would like to extract and present to the user before they download the entire file. Is there a way I can download around the first 1000 bytes of a file?

Thanks so much


Hello ..

You can query the file size on the destination server to get the transferred bytes. But there is no direct way.

It's not directly possible at the moment. But you can abort the transfer (by calling the Abort() method) after a certain amount of bytes is transferred.