Help:How to change the default download folder with code?


I have created a project to do some operation with the smartFTP, and i can use the following function to download file.
enumError DownloadFile(
BSTR szRemoteFile,
BSTR szLocalFile,
long nStartPosLo,
long nStartPosHi
and this function have no parameter that let me to store the file to my favorite folder. the file which i downloaded is stroed in the default folder. anybody know which function i can used to change the default download fold to other place? thank you.


I do not really understand your question or problem. An example of the DownloadFile method may look like this:
DownloadFile("/Products/SmartFTP/License.txt", "C:\License.txt",0,0)


Set the LogFile property of the FTPConnection object. Then analyse the log. You are probably using a wrong directory for the ChangeDirectory command.