Help connecting to secure FTP server

Hi, I'm having some difficulty connecting to a secure ftp server with vbscript. I'm using the following settings:
Dim obj, result

Set obj = CreateObject("sfFTPLib.FTPConnectionSTA")

obj.Host = "server.hostname.domain"
obj.Username = "username"
obj.Password = "password" ' with some odd characters
obj.Port = 22
obj.Protocol = 2
obj.DataProtection = 0
obj.LogFile = "Connect.log"

Logfile.Write("Connecting to server using secure ftp ...")
result = obj.Connect()
Logfile.Writeline("connected with result: " & result & " " & Err.Description)

The connect.log reports a 30s timeout and closes the connection. My other log file report error 4.

If I replace protocol 2 with protocol 1, I get a different error = 18 (trouble handshaking SSL/TLS).

(I successfully connect under Linux using sftp with the same username and password.)

Any ideas?


The fact that you use port 22 and that you say you've done it successfully under Linux tell me that you probably mix up SFTP (which is part of SSH, just like SCP) with FTPS (which is FTP over SSL). SmartFTP only supports the latter currently.