Connection result = 17

Everytime i try to connect i get the result 17?

I'm using VB.NET (not

This is my test code just to see if i can get it working...

Dim oFTP As New sfFTPLib.FTPConnectionSTA

MsgBox("object created!")

oFTP.Host = "xxx"
oFTP.Username = "xxx"
oFTP.Password = "xxx"
oFTP.Port = 21
oFTP.Protocol = enumProtocol.ftpProtocolNormal
oFTP.Passive = True
oFTP.MLST = True
oFTP.LogFile = "C:\FTPLOG.txt"
MsgBox("port = " & oFTP.Port)

Dim result

result = oFTP.Connect


I've looked at the server logs and it doesn't show any connections from me going in, so i figured it's just not connecting? I'm using the trial version for now. Any ideas?

ah i feel a bit stupid now, this is to do with the licence...

EDIT: I feel really stupid now, should have looked at the source code. Sorry it's been a long day :$

LAST EDIT: Nope, still says bad licence am i supposed to enter/change something because i'm using the trial version?

tried that and didn't work.

I've regsvr32 -u sfFTPlib.dll and deleted the directory and the reg keys for the library, then i re-installed to see if this was the problem.

But as soon as i run the sample code (VBDemo) it says:

Failed to verify license key.

Hello ..

Because you are using the trial version the LoadLicenseKey method will fail. You can ignore it and the component will work for 30 days without a license. If you get result 17 when you call Connect() you are not using the latest version. In this case download and install it from