error in windows 98se

hi !

i am new with smartftp and i have small problem .

i have install smartftplib from your site .

my system is windows 98se(heb loc) with ie(6.0.2800.1106) in a clean pc (no firewall or av).

after installing the dll and trying to run any of my exe(vb6sp6) or the script in the installastion dir i got an error .

in the title = "microsft visual c++ runtime library"

runtime error!

program : c:\windows\wscript.exe

this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
please contact .....

and after i get this

WSCRIPT caused an exception 40000015H in module SFFTPLIB.DLL at 0167:100aa21b.
EAX=00000000 CS=20e00167 EIP=100aa21b EFLGS=00000202
EBX=1023fde0 SS=016f ESP=0064dbb4 EBP=0064dbe0
ECX=00000000 DS=016f ESI=81d23e2c FS=e7ff320f
EDX=81d24078 ES=e7ff016f EDI=0064df0c GS=bff70000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
e8 dd a7 ff ff c3 e8 90 fc ff ff 8b 40 7c 85 c0
Stack dump:
100aa21b 1a2beb9d 0064df0c 81d23e2c 1023fde0 0064dbb8 0053574f 0064de8c 100a17a0 0a6c042d fffffffe 0064de9c 100b5b6b 81d240b4 bff9dcc4 0064df0c

i try it on other machine and i got the same error (same os clean)

please help me!!!

The latest version of SmartFTP and the SmartFTP FTP Library are working without any problems on our Windows 98 SE test systems.