LoadLicenseKeyData returns FALSE ?!


we updated our dll to version Now the following code returns FALSE ...

Public objGlobal As sfFTPLib.Global

Set objGlobal = CreateObject("sfFTPLib.Global")

If objGlobal.LoadLicenseKeyData(strKey) = True Then

	Debug.Print "+ INFO ... SmartFTP Registrierung ... OK"


	Debug.Print "+ ERROR ... SmartFTP nicht registriert"

End If

Is it a problem of our license or is it a bug. The version before update was
The rest of the code to transfer the data works fine.

THX for help ... Ulf

Dear Ulf ..

The maintenance of your license key expired. It means that you need to renew your license key if you want to use a version of the SmartFTP FTP Library which has been released after the maintenance expiration date in your license key.

You can renew your license key here: