Reasons for ftpErrorSocket

Hi, we have a user who is getting an ftpErrorSocket as soon as a connection attempt is made when trying connecting to his FTP server. I've tried connecting to the same server and don't get the error, so it must be something configured on his PC causing the problem. I saw the other post about how it may be related to reusing ports, but that doesn't appear to be the problem here as it happens every time and he can connect to the FTP server using other FTP clients. He's connecting via an IP address (not hostname), but apart from that everything else is normal (no encryption, port 21, etc).

Any ideas what the problem could be? Thanks

Is there no error displayed in the log?

The user could also try to run SmartFTP to see if there is any error information displayed.


Hi, the error "An invalid argument was supplied." is passed via the onStatus event just before the connect call raises an exception. Also, the LastReplyCode value is 3604531. I'll also ask them to try SmartFTP. Thanks

After a reinstall using the latest version of the SmartFTP DLL the problem was resolved.