Presales - Licensing & Deployment

From the SmartFTP web site, it appears as though applications making use of the SmartFTP library can be distributed free of extra charge.

Our current deployment strategy is as follows (before use of the SmartFTP Library):
* Build the code in .NET 2.0
* Copy the created .exe file to the server
* Schedule the .exe file to run

This has worked well so far, as we have avoided installing anything on the server itself. My question is: Is there anything that we would need to do other than run regsvr32 sfFTPLib.dll on the server to account for the licensing? In other words, do I need to mess around with license keys or anything on the server, or does the license only affect the developer's machine?



Hello ..

If you don't use Side by Side Execution you need to call regsvr32.exe sfFTPLib.dll on any machine where you application (.exe) which uses the SmartFTP FTP Library is installed.

>License Key
Usually to activate the component you call the "LoadLicenseKeyData" function of the global "sfFTPlib::Global" class (singleton) to register it. The function takes a string - the license key - as the argument. The license key can be built-in into your .exe - as a string for example.

I hope this answers your questions.


This was very helpful, the coding of the license key is exactly what I was looking for!