Strange error message from French FTP server

I've got a problem with a UNIX FTP server (sorry, don't know exactly which one it is, but it looks like a generic UNIX FTP server that supports MDTM, REST STREAM, and SIZE).

When sending a file to this FTP server the following happens (a number of other files have been transferred succesfully before this):

227 Entering Passive Mode (62,193,242,243,187,109).
Opening data connection to Port: 47981
Une tentative de connexion a

The error messages comes from SmartFTP, and it's in French probably because you have installed a French language pack.

BTW: The type of UNIX server is typically displayed in the log shortly after logging in .

Hello ..

Is this the information you get in the log file when you specify the LogFile property of the FTPConnection class? If not please copy&paste the information directly from this log file.


This is from a customer site so I'll need to contact them to get the FTP log output. The log output is from our program (by capturing the status events), so I guess it won't be much different from yours. The FTP server does not say what type it is (just UNIX L8) and does not say the type in the greeting message. Sorry, not much to go on.

The main problem is that once this message is received, nothing happens, i.e. it doesn't return from the UploadFile call.

The customer is probably using a french Windows version. Thus the french winsock error message. The UploadFile() function will return right after the error message or after the timeout (Timeout property) you set.

In the future please only post problems which you can reproduce on your system.
Thank you.


It's a bit difficult for me to reproduce these issues when we have thousands of customers using countless different FTP servers and I cannot get access to the FTP server. The only information I have is the log files produced. If we told our customers what you just told me we'd quickly go out of business...

... and it's even more difficult for me to solve a problem your customers have. Also you know as well as me that problems which are not reproducible are at first very hard to analyze and second almost impossible to fix. Especially when dealing with the FTP protocol a log is usually not enough.
BTW: I'm happy you are still in business ;-)