Multi Threading Problem

I have been using multi threading on Smart FTP for several years (paid version)

With the last upgrade to Version 1.5.990.2, the multi threading no longer functions well at all. In fact, it barely works at all. It begins... opens the threads... begins the download process... then all threads, one by one, start to hang. Eventually, the whole system, comes to a halt.

Perhaps there was some default setting in options that was part of the last download, but I sure can't find it.

In any case, I am sure I am correct.

To confirm, I just ran a test, same server, same site, same ISP, same network but my laptop has version Smart FTP 1.1.984.17 and it handled the multithreading perfectly. The newer version still does not.

Any ideas or suggestions?




Please try again with the latest beta build from

If you still see any problems please file a bug report.

Thank you.

Hi Mat,

After 10 days of fooling around with this on and off... I can tell you it is much better than the release I was using.

However, and I do not have the sophistication to tell you this accurately, but it is just a feeling that there is still an issue. I am not going to open a bug report as there are just too many other things that could be affecting this... including my connection here in Costa Rica. Further, I have no idea what to say that could help the developers. The only thing is that like the earlier problem, some files just hang and never download. I must cancel and re-start to get them down.

Anyway... next upgrade release will tell I am sure


Hello ..

A log of the FTP sessions from the Global Queue would certainly help to debug the problem. There might be some problems with multithreading but you would only see them if you run an unusual high amount of concurrent threads (> 16).