Explicit declaration of Default Path

I have used the 'free' version 1.1 for some time and loved it, recently I purchased and am now on version 1.5[b990] and have experienced a problem on my own website. With version 1.1 the default path was specified as / and this all worked. Now with 1.5 I have to be explicit with the path which is as it has always been, in this case /owitadmin which works if I specify it, with only a / I get 'access denied 550' errors.
My question is, is this a server issue or a result of more strict security support etc in version 1.5.
I am happy I now have it working but would like to increase my understanding of the mechanisms at play on this.
Otherwise thanks for a great product.

Hi, try downloading the beta build from my signature and see if it fixes your trouble.

This behavior has slight changed in the current version. SmartFTP now sends a CWD + the path you entered in the favorite item settings. Before it sent a modified the path.