Tranfer fail

I'm trying to upload 50mb of photos shopping cart (3 folders-808 files each and 9 html folder) to my server. it's always fail uploading around 200-300 hundred photos on my first folder. I need to upload 2~3 time to complete. See below message.

213 65424
Remote file exist check: '0952_g_b_hwang.jpg'.
SIZE 0952_g_b_hwang.jpg
550 0952_g_b_hwang.jpg: not a plain file.
227 Entering Passive Mode (69,36,185,67,37,39)
Opening data connection to Port: 9511
STOR 0952_g_b_hwang.jpg
Timeout (20s).
Active Help:
Client closed the connection.
Transfer failed.

Would this problem be the Smart ftp software or my ISP? HELP!!!

Thank you in advance...

ID: 499912447


310-360-1218 w

Hi, try to use global queue for all your transfers, also you can try raising the timeout to 60s.

Do I just click the Global Queue tab for all my transfer? How do I raise time to 60s? I'm new with this FTP and software. Thank you in advance...

Hello ..

Please see the tutoriols how to use the global queue:

To increae the timeout go to menu: Tools->Settings and then in the Connection dialog, increase the server timeout.

But I think the problem you are having might be related to passive mode. Change the data connection mode from "Passive Mode (PASV)" to Active Mode (PORT) in the Settings->Connection.

Before you do any tests make sure you are have the latest SmartFTP version installed.