remote to remote FTP


Hi. I cannot make transfering a file from one remote server to another work; I always have to copy the file back to my pc and then upload to server 2. I am sure this is a config issue with the ftpd on the remote servers rather than a smartFTP issue but as I own both the remote servers in question I would love any hints on what I should do to get this to work.
It is not a firewall issue and the two servers can see each other; I get this in the log:

source server:
227 Entering Passive Mode (10,134,8,10,237,247)
Transfer failed.

dest server:
PORT 10,134,8,10,237,247
500 Illegal PORT command.
Transfer failed.

Many thanks;
Jeremy Richemont

Hi, try using alternative FXP mode, for that you must have the 2 sites on favorites and edit it for alternative FXP.

Hi Aokromes; thanks for your reply. I have tried what you suggest and the logs now show:

PORT 10,134,8,221,159,217
200 PORT command successful.
RETR NotAnImage.jpg
150 Binary data connection for NotAnImage.jpg (,40921) (4281 bytes).
550 NotAnImage: Broken pipe.
Transfer failed.
225 ABOR command successful.

227 Entering Passive Mode (10,134,8,221,159,217)
STOR NotAnImage.jpg
425 Security: Bad IP connecting.
Transfer failed.

Which is different for sure. I am alowed to ftp directly from source to dest by the way. The destination file is created now but is empty.


The second server don't allows FXP on any way... try checking settings on the 2nd site blocking FXP or pasv or "bounce connections"