SmartFTP hangs after '150 Opening Data Connection'.

SmartFTP is not able to handle '425 Cannot Open data Connection' reply and hence hangs in '150 Opening Data Connection'. See the following sequence of commands and replies :

200 PORT Command OK
Opening data connection IP: PORT: 2221.
150 Opening data connection for -aL (,2221)

At this point, due to some reason, the data connection has failed and the server has sent '425 Cannot open data connection' reply which the client is not able to handle and hence it hangs indefinitely.
(TurboFTP client handles this correctly. FYI.)

At this stage, only when we disconnect the session, the reply is flushed and is displayed by SmartFTP as shown below:

425 Cannot open data connection
221 Closing Session
Connection closed.

Can you please look into this and fix this issue?


What version of SmartFTP are you testing with? Please provide your license key id for premium support.


Thanks for your attention. Version is SmartpFTP v1.0.981. License Key id is 400005147.