no response?

I first posted on 4-22 and still get no response from either the premium or public forum. I'm a licensed member, so why doesn't my post remain in the premium support forum? I'm still having trouble. Please help.
My original post:

Right now I have 21 items in Favorites. When I try to add another, I get a small screen containing a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it. There is an OK button. I click it once, nothing happens. Click it again, it closes, but does not add my file to Favorites. Is there a way to get the file onto my site without adding it to favorites? I am using only a fraction of my available space, and have not nearly exceeded my monthly transfer limit at Yahoo Web Hosting. What's going wrong?

Update: 4/23 3:56pm Eastern Standard Time

In other words, is there another way to set the Web Root Path and URL for a particular file?

I contacted Yahoo Web Hosting and they assured me that the problem was not on their end.

Also, why was this post moved from premium support to public support? I am a licensed member.

Hi i moved the post to public support because you don't posted the license key, then i can't know that you where a licensed user, and for your error, can you post a screenshot to see the error?

Hello ...

I would be helpful if you try to explain what you are trying to do. Do you wanna upload a file to your ftp server? Do you want to add the ftp site to the favorites? I'm sure we can help you but you may need to provide a little more information.

Thank you.