Queue Service

I need to "Get" any and all files that are dropped into a source FTP site and "Put" them into a networked drive every morning. I can manually set the queue service to grab a specific file, but after it transfers, the process isn't saved for the next morning. I don't want to have to do this every morning manually. Also, the file names change daily, so I want it to just grab the general contents of the site and drop the file into the destination.

Also, is there a way to convert the type of file from a .CSV to a .TXT file?

I appreciate any assistance you all may give me! Thank you!

St Paul, MN

I know that .CSV's are text files. I am dropping a file into a folder that requires the extension to be a .TXT. I can do a .BAT file to change the extension, but some FTP programs can convert the file in transit. And since I am doing a schedule with SmartFTP anyway, I would like to see if it has this capability. Thank you for responding. I really appreciate the feedback! -Julie